Les merveilleuses Ladurée

For years, Ladurée has represented the French “art de vivre”, famously based on the philosophy that “what is truly beautiful can innately enchant women by exciting and overwhelming each of their five senses”. 

The cosmetics developed under the Ladurée name also symbolise the essence of French history and spirit.

Les Merveilleuses were the beautiful “goddesses of liberty” who lived in Paris after the Revolution in the late 18th century. They each developed their own particular air of beauty based on their unique sensibilities. 

Les Merveilleuses had a great influence on society at the time, and were seen as intellectual figures who nonetheless appreciated more physical pleasures – love affairs, fashion, and the Parisian party scene.
Synonymous with colours, Ladurée speaks to us of poetry and the art of living. This collection of colours is the reflection of the spirit of Ladurée. 

Ladurée has always addressed all women with its decors and creations. Ladurée has the power of speaking to women while awakening memories within them of the past, when they had secret places where they could make themselves beautiful in order to be adored.

Ladurée creates magic moments when time stands still to leave traces and unforgettable memories. Imagine, like a daydream, these delicate colours being created in an atmosphere from another time, where the art of refinement is the heart. 

The collection is aimed at sensitive, refined women who turn make-up into a ritual, a special, confidential rendez-vous that eventually transforms make-up into a highly sophisticated accessory.
"Vanity is the true poetry of women", wrote Madame Girardin in her Parisian letters in 1817! 
Nothing has changed for Les Merveilleuses Ladurée, as women are still as mindful as ever of being beautiful! 

This timeless collection will emerge at its own pace, like a luxury that offers itself to all who love beauty as a defence against the trivialisation of daily life. 

Like divas, each colour is magnified in a legendary, extraordinary setting. 
Outside time and fashion trends, Ladurée’s “Les Merveilleuses” will outlive every period, past and present.