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Traditional Holiday season at Ladurée

" For this holidays collection, I've taken inspiration from Le Grand Restaurant's signature dessert: the 'Blanc Manger'. Using the original recipe as a starting point, we toyed around with its flavors and worked on an airy texture, seeking to achieve the perfect blend of vanilla and caramel to create a yule log and a macaron with those same wonderful aromas. We also whipped up a macaron and a cake inspired by a dessert I really love, one that combines the acidity of clementines, the softness of roses and the bite of saffron." 

Chef Jean-François Piège

Our new Christmas Macarons

Macaron Blanc Manger

This macaron is inspired by Jean-François Piège's iconic recipe for Blanc Manger. Two macaron shells dusted with vanilla seeds, with a vanilla ganache filling and a caramel center.

Macaron Clementine Saffron Rose 

Two macarons shells sprinkled with dried rose petals, filled with clementine cream and a hint of saffron