Our commitments


The Disability Mission

Our Disability Mission has several aims: 
- Raising awareness amongst our staff, making for a more accepting work culture 
- Recruitment – all of our posts are open to disabled candidates 
- Specialised care for disabled employees 
- Flexible posts and/or working schedules 
- Support for disabled employees throughout their entire career with us


Wellbeing in the workplace

We are committed to ensuring wellbeing in the workplace. 

In 2015 we have launched several initiatives, notably a service specifically dedicated to wellbeing at work. Employees were invited to attend conferences on themes such as nutrition, addictions, chiropody, osteopathy, first aid, and more. 

In 2017 new conferences and trainings were offered to our employees as sign language, disabled customer service and sport sessions. Challenges by team were also proposed, notably a picture contest about wellbeing at work. 

Improving working conditions is an important part of our ethos, and we are constantly working on concrete action plans to provide a safe and fulfilling work environment


Gender equality

We are committed to fair treatment in terms of recruitment, remuneration, professional training, and career development between women and men, according to individual criteria and objectives. 
Over the years, equality has been a key issue throughout the Ladurée brand, all services included.


Sporty Macarons

Our “Sporty Macarons” initiative invites employees to take part in team sporting events, such as Mud Day, a 10km course through the Château de Versailles, or the semi-marathon at Disneyland Paris.