Training & internal mobility


Employee integration

Getting the job means becoming integrated, and integration is a job for everyone – from managers to new employees! 

Our integration courses were created to give new arrivals the chance to get used to business culture, learn about our internal workings, and understand our values: 
 - For teams working directly with customers, one training day is dedicated to learning about Ladurée and the fundamentals of client relations and service quality; 
- For our other employees, we organise days where you can discover the specific ins and outs of different jobs, giving insight into our operations



We are committed to supporting, training, and developing the skills of our employees throughout their professional journey. 

Each employee will benefit from an annual career development review; this is a chance to express your goals in an open space, and to lay down the necessary steps to achieve them. Our aim is to suggest attractive and realistic career paths that will benefit the company, so as to develop your skills long-term and make you an invaluable member of the team. 

During our training processes, we are always seeking to both preserve our renowned savoir-faire and to build a future generation of leaders.


Mobility/internal promotions

Thanks to our expansive geographical presence and the diversity of our job range, we can offer significant possibility for mobility and development. 

Our mobility initiatives favour professional development, taking the performance, potential, and aspiration of the candidate into account. We are committed to uniting the aspirations of our employees with the needs of the company. 

In France, 70% of our supervisors have gotten their job through internal promotion. 

Our international development also provides many opportunities for specific projects, such as the launch of sales points, tearooms, or restaurants – transmitting our savoir-faire to new endeavours is a natural task for operational teams.

Vocational studies

Vocational studies

Ladurée is very open to younger employees, with an average worker age of 33 years across France. Our engagement with young people is constant, and each year we welcome many apprentices into our teams, supporting and preparing them for working life. 

We look for young people hoping to train in patisserie, sales, catering, cooking, and commissary. Our support services (commercial, human resources, information technology etc.) also provide options for vocational training. 

Our interns today may be our partners tomorrow!